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Lighted Buffer Stops

At the end of a track it is typically a buffer stop. Maerklin offers two types of bupper stops. One of it has a lighted Sh0-sign. Not realistic looks the two buffers and the red sign between. I had never seen such a buffer stop. The two buffer avoid that the coupler of a car or loco touch the plank of the buffer stop. So it is impossible that the coupler to get stuck with the buffer stop, but ist looks like a cheap toy. It is not necessary to drive the car close to the buffer stop. Real trains does it not, too.

After buying the lighted Maerklin buffer stop 7389, first I cut the two buffers with a pair of pincers. After that I weathered the steel construction with brown color to make it rusty. I colored the plank with the red mark completly white. The points, which the buffers were before, were only light white painted. So it looks like grease buffer prints from a car.

If a passenger train stops at an end track in a station, a special sign is needed. It is a quadrangular, red sign with a white border, called Sh2. At night a red lamp ist needful. I bought the Roco buffer stop 42608 and colored the plank white. Additional I wheathered the steel construcion with rusty, brown paint. Now this buffer stop is at the end of one of my platform tracks. The night sign is a red LED in a black box.