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Flickerfree Locolights

Following components are needed to terminate the flickering lights :

2 diodes 1N4148 (1N4001)
2 capacitors 22 uF
Experimentation circuit board

The components are attached in such a way:

On a piece experimentation circuit board it looks like:

Licht hinten = backlights
Licht vorn = frontlights
Masse = ground
c90-Kabel grau = grey wire of the c90
c90-Kabel gelb = yellow wire of the c90

The contact stripes must be interrupted under the diodes. The rings of the diodes shows to the decoder. The positive pin of the capacitors must be connected to the ground, since the decoder supplies negative voltage.

In most locomotives there is space enough for this small circuit board. Here you see it connected to the c90-decoder. Also you can use c80 or c81 decoders.